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ARES family:  Cost effective production with high performance

High productivity, best performance, lowest cost of ownership, production proven... These are the highlights of the ARES family. ARES coating systems have been developed to meet the requirements of Chinese and Asian mass production oriented markets. To be close to our customers in the center of the market, providing the tailored solution requested, to react fast and to bring our coating technology to them... this is ARES.

The coating systems of the ARES family focus on lowest cost of ownership, but providing, at the same time, the coating technology for production oriented applications. The machines are derived from the proven designs of the SYRUSpro family, equipped with key components, and with a high content of locally sourced parts, adapted for the specific requirements.  

The machines of the ARES family are available in various chamber sizes, from ARES 700, ARES 1100 and 1350 up to high volume production systems ARES 1500 and ARES 2000. A high variety of coating processes can be applied in cost efficient manner in the production. At the same time, ARES coating systems achieve a very good performance on requested coating specifications.


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