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Notch Filters for Fluorescence Microscopy

Notch filters for Fluorescence Microscopy applications in bio science require high precise filter coatings. The biological probe is excited by laser irradiation. The exciting laser beam wavelengths needs to be blocked with a high optical density and also a steep edge of the filter slope in order to reduce the influence on the visible spectral range of the fluorescence light. The process solutions are multiple notch filters with up to four laser wavelengths reflected with rugate type filters. But these filters are based only on designs with two refractive indices with a combination of nearly lambda quarter layers and very thin layers. These coatings are achievable with the Helios family, combining the high stable and repeatable sputtering process with the advantages of the direct monitoring with OMS 5000 on the substrate turn table.



HELIOS family


Sputtering tool for highest quality optical coatings featuring very low absorption and scattering more...




Detailed Information


In our approach we replace the second refractive index by equivalent layers consisting of H/L materials with high index contrast. This leads to a combination of thick (>100nm) and very thin layers. Stable coating processes with dense layers are strict requirements. more...