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Flexible Solar Cells

Several material systems permit the fabrication of solar cells on flexible substrates. A well known example is CIGS cells on steel ribbons. Compared to conventional rigid solutions on wafers or glass panes, flexible cells come with a couple of decisive advantages:

New applications

Modules based on flexible cells can be given any shape, making them ideal choices for building integrated photovoltaics. Modules being the roof instead of being on top of the roof: a big leap in bringing down balance-of-systems cost for the end consumer.

New production processes

Flexible solar cells can be generated in roll-to-roll mode, thus revolutionizing today’s factory logistics in PV module production.  We see the potential for far lower cost per Wp in production as one of the key features of this technology.

Leybold is one of the very first movers in this field, with our first system shipped as early as 2002!  Since then, a variety of prototype and pilot production plants have been installed in close cooperation with our customers, making us the No. 1 in this field today!

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